April Fools Day 2013

april fools day prank project manager

One of my favourite things about my career, if not my absolute favourite thing about it, is working closely with production teams. Collaborating with a closely knit team not only makes for really effective working time, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun too! If you’ve worked with me professionally, you know that I’m serious business but also very lighthearted. In keeping with this, I decided to have a wee bit of fun this April Fools Day 2013…

Admittedly, I have been watching a lot of The Office on Netflix, so this isn’t a Wes Original™ – but all the same, it’s still awesome. I was working a bit late Thursday (before Good Friday) before packing it up for the day it hit me: I should move everyone’s desk around. The production team is set up in 2 groups of 4, which we refer to as “The Quads”. Each quad is bound fused together into essentially one massive desk, and tethered to the ceiling with long power and Ethernet cables for connectivity.

office prank april fools day 2013 project manager

One of the quads

I took very precise pictures with my phone of everything on each desk, so I could place it all back within an inch of accuracy. I don’t think anyone noticed on their own, but it’s always the effor that counts right?

Just a few hiccups

When setting this up, I ran into a little trouble. The desks, because they were bound together in a group of 4, couldn’t be moved. I didn’t have the forethought to bring any tools with me to disassemble the monitors so I only had one option: move the entire desk units around. After that it was smooth sailing. The only other hiccup was moving the filing cabinet which must weigh 150 lbs at least, but I was able to move it inch by inch across the office space. That alone took about 20 minutes, but was definitely worth it to tie this all together!

Office Prank – April Fools Day 2013 – Reactions Video


Moral of the story

It’s really important for a digital project manager to be well received by the team, and to keep all members happy. It leads to efficient production and a much easier time. An office gag like this may have cost me a few hours, but things like this go really far in keeping a harmonized team. Too many PMs overlook an important aspect of their role: human resources.

All work and no play makes Wesley a dull boy.


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