How To Tell If You Need A Mobile Site


On the fence about whether you need a mobile site?
Let’s cut to the chase: you do. Everyone does. The number of mobile users is steadily (and quickly) rising. But how can you directly quantify the demand for your particular site? We can start by looking at your site traffic to see just how many mobile users have tried to reach the version of the site you don’t have.

Your website likely already has Google Analytics (free website visitor tracking/reporting tool) installed on all your pages, or you have alternative tracking software. Utilizing tracking information is extremely important for understanding the performance (or lack thereof) when understanding your website and visitors. So, if you don’t have anything installed, you better get to it. Google Analytics is quick to signup, and even faster for your development team to implement.

Base It On Numbers

Google Analytics’ side navigation allows you to filter your data by Mobile. On the left menu, click “Audience > Mobile > Devices”. This will list all the mobile devices accessing your site within the specified time range.


Google Analytics Mobile Usage Report

This quick report shows you the total count and percentage of visits from mobile users, and displays the different mobile devices used.

“My mobile visitor traffic is lower than the main version”

That may be, but you should also consider that your bounce rate (when a visitor views a single page then immediately leaves) on mobile is likely higher too. If you do not have a mobile site or your website is not optimized for mobile (more than just compatible), you will not get the same returning traffic because – simply – your users had a terrible experience on their device.

Making Your Decision

mobile website decision

When evaluating your mobile site needs, pay special consideration to your existing user base. Look at your bounce rate  and see your data over time while you notice your mobile users increasing. Building a mobile site isn’t “striking while the iron’s hot” – this is not a trend. Rather, this is your chance to join the game at a great time. Stay ahead of your competition by delivering what your visitors are demanding.

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