Google Glass: First Impressions


The mobile development and innovation company, BNOTIONS, held an event on Friday for the Toronto tech community, and I was excited as anything to attend. The presentations were not just a review of Google Glass but to present Glass from a developer’s perspective and demo some of their initial apps (also called Glassware). I summarized the most exciting points I was able to take away from the experience. Read more ›

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April Fools Day 2013

april fools day prank project manager

One of my favourite things about my career, if not my absolute favourite thing about it, is working closely with production teams. Collaborating with a closely knit team not only makes for really effective working time, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun too! If you’ve worked with me professionally, you know that I’m serious business but also very lighthearted. In keeping with this, I decided to have a wee bit of fun this April Fools Day 2013… Read more ›

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[Project] Indent Source Code

indent source code

A few weeks ago, I started a new web project, inspired by my experience working as a digital project manager with development-heavy agencies. is a free web development tool which allows you to code more efficiently by converting poorly formatted code to a version easier to read. Read more ›

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[Code] Inflate YouTube Views

Inflate YouTube Views

I was reading an article about YouTube removing billions of video views as big players in the music industry were using “YouTube view” services, where providers will guarantee X number of views for a fee. I was wondering how one could possibly inflate YouTube views “naturally”, for free, and without much effort. Read more ›

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[Code] Visitor Leave Page Warning

jquery visitor leave page warning

I do freelance web development from time to time (because I love coding but only get the opportunity to plan and strategize by day as a digital project manager), so I was thrilled to hop into some code on my first morning off work during the holiday break. As I frequent industry forums, I connected with someone who was looking to better convert his web traffic by displaying a warning to visitors before leaving the page. Read more ›

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Awesome Idea: Social Restaurant Menus

One of my favourite aspects of being a digital business analyst is having the opportunity to take bits and pieces of web technologies and string them together into one fantastic solution. Over lunch a few months ago, I thought about how restaurants have huge potential to leverage web-based technologies for improved patron experience while promoting their brand with social media. Take a look at this awesome idea for restaurants. Read more ›

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3 Usability Tips for E-commerce Checkouts

3 usability tips for e-commerce checkouts

Your website’s usability can make or break your online shopping cart as a success – and this goes beyond having a pretty design. The number one way to fight back against cart abandonment (which plagues e-commmerce websites) may not be to lower your prices, but rather to offer a better experience during checkout. I have laid out 3 tips which can instantly improve the usability of your online shopping cart interfaces. Read more ›

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How To Tell If You Need A Mobile Site


On the fence about whether you need a mobile site?
Let’s cut to the chase: you do. Everyone does. The number of mobile users is steadily (and quickly) rising. But how can you directly quantify the demand for your particular site? We can start by looking at your site traffic to see just how many mobile users have tried to reach the version of the site you don’t have. Read more ›

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